Hello Desk Peepers, hope you’re all well.  First of all a big apology from me for not getting round to many of you last week, and only to about half of those who visited me too.  Things were very hectic as our water heater went and we were without hot water for two days during a cold and snowy spell!  We knew it was on the way out and had ordered a new one, which had just arrived when the old one went completely, but my poor hubby had to spend his birthday last Thursday installing it!  And not just any birthday either, but his 50th!  I’m sure we’ll laugh about it given time!  We ended up celebrating his birthday last weekend instead, so my time was taken up with him.

I’ve also entered my busiest period of the year at work, it’s the same every year in the run up to the end of the current financial year at the end of March, so I’ve been working a lot of lunch breaks recently instead of blog hopping.  Still, you just have to go with the flow sometimes, but there hasn’t been much of anything going on around here.  I haven’t been able to work on the socks since the last time you saw them, but I did manage to finish one of the ribbon scarves I’d had on the go so that was something at least.



This was the desk from last Saturday, which was the last time I was in the room, and as you can see, there’s really not a lot going on at all!  C’est la vie.  Oh, I did manage to get this finished for Andrew for his birthday.  He was working on a patent idea when he left his last employer, but they actually followed it through, got the patent and kept his name on it, so I took bits of it that we had downloaded from the US Patent website and made him this to go in a frame.


He knew I was doing this and had asked for very plain and simple with no embellishments or “any of that crap”!  He liked it very much and has put it in pride of place on the computer desk in the study.

That’s me for today, I’ll try and get round as many as I can!  Head on over to Julia’s pad for all the details on joining the blog hop extravaganza.