Hello Peeps, and peepers too!  Wednesday once more and here we all are again, lining up to see the desk mistress Julia, to get our WOYWW badge of honour and be sent on our way to visit, visit, visit.  And talking of visits, I managed a heck of a lot more of you than the week before, but still not quite everyone who visited me, but it is moving in a positive direction once more, so perhaps this week I’ll make it into three figures again.


I’ve had an up and down week since I last saw you, received some beautiful goodies in the post, lucked out at a clearance sale at JoAnns, been for a bike ride in the sunshine, planted tomato and pepper seeds also in the sunshine, got as sick as a dog for one day, won a 10 pound voucher in a card challenge and even managed a card or two.

So first up, in order of it happening, here’s my desk on Sunday afternoon….



You might spot that it’s outside, you might also spot that the sun is shining and if you look in the top left you may also spot the sun lounger chairs that we take camping with us!  Yes, it was that warm, 16C and not a breath of a breeze, and after a morning bike ride we had coffe outside, and later, lunch too.  Those white cells and little pots now contain mixed heirloom tomato and pepper seeds and they’re tucked up indoors with a heat mat underneath them.


The next desk is the one you normally come to see, this was also Sunday afternoon, and it looks a bit bleached out because of the sunshine pouring in the windows, normally I’d try and fenagle the photo somewhat to make it easier to see, but I’m just so happy to have the sunshine back at all that I left it as it was!  Oh, and our clocks went forward on Saturday night so we now have more daylight hours to play with too.

There’s not too much going on here, I’ve been trying to come up with a couple of cards for the current LIM challenge, and although I’ve been happy with my ideas, their execution has been a bit trying to say the least!


And lastly, these little fellas have been cheering me up no end, especially after my little bout of shouting hughy at the toilet, as my friend puts it!!  Let me know if you need me to explain that little Englishism!!


Yes, some beautiful new goodies.  First up, at the back, is a large box of amazing things from Jude as I was one of her candy winners.  There’s lots of lovely co-ordinating papers in 6×6 and 8×8 sizes, some glittered, some vellum, there’s also cards and envelopes, stickers, decoupage sheets and a lovely little stamp too, so thanks Jude, it’s all appreciated!  At the front are some items I got at JoAnns on clearance, the stamps were $1.97 and the Nesties were a staggering $5.97 each!  I also got another set of stamps for 97c which are for a friend for a challenge she runs every month, and Andrew got a couple of things he wanted too, in fact, it was him who suggested we go!  Amazingly we got out of the store with change from $25, normally one set of Nesties would cost $25 if you didn’t have a coupon!