Yes it’s Wednesday again, shocking I know, but here we all are ready for the start of the desk hopping marathon, presided over by the gal with the starting pistol, aka Julia @ Stamping Ground.  Head on over for all the details.

Some of you mention that when Wednesday comes around that the world has rotated a bit on its’ axis and here we all are again.  Well, last Thursday our world was definitely left spinning after an extremely early and extremely rare EF3 tornado barreled its way into town, not 25 miles away from where I sit typing this up, and a mere 15 miles away from where I work.  Apparently all the tornado sirens in the area were activated at about 5:15 and security locked the building down putting all my work colleagues still in the office in the basement and not letting anyone leave until 7:30 at night!!  Luckily I get in early so was out the door by 4:15 heading home!  We only got some rain and a bit of thunder and lightening where I live, but the little town of Dexter took a direct hit, take a look at this, amazingly no-one was killed or even injured:

So, on to nicer things!  The weather has stayed unseasonably warm, which is why we ended up with thunderstorms and tornadoes in March, and we have now got most of the garden clean up complete and Andrew is busy working on cleaning and re-staining the deck.  In just one week there’s a tremendous amount of things that have flowered in the garden, including a Magnolia Stellata, Cherry Tree, Spirea, Forsythia, Hellebores, Dwarf Willow, Crocus, Grape Hyacinths, Siberian Squill and the daffodils too.  Last week the daffs were one inch high, this week they’re 10″ – 12″ high and in flower!  The growth spurt has been amazing.  We’ve also left the 70’s behind and are now topping out at 80F – 85F, right now as I type this at 8:10pm Tuesday night it’s 76F outside!!  Back to cooler weather at the weekend though, not freezing, just closer to where it should be at this time of year!

Indoors, most of the tomato seeds and some of the pepper seeds from last week have sprouted, one of my orchids has huge buds on it and is going to flower any day now, and also out of season, my Amaryllis decided it was time to flower too…

And, finally, upstairs in the spare bedroom I have a desk to show you…

A little dark again because of all the sunlight coming in the windows, you can click on it to make it bigger…. but you can see a ribbon holder a Penny Black WIP, with the stamp I’d used towards the back, some scissors (I can see three pairs and the pointy bits of another pair!), my tub of Marvy Watercolour markers, some scrap paper for masking, a little pile of ribbons that’s been there forever, my stamp cleaning pad and fluid as I finally cleaned off a bunch of dirty stamps that had been on my desk for ages, and just behind that, a set of Tapestry stamps in their plastic container.

Phew, long post this week, like the Spring Bunnies I’ve been seeing in my garden, I’m off to hop around the desks!!