*** Yes, I know the link at No.2 is bad, that’s why I’ve relinked at No.30!!  If you came form No.2 and found me anyway, thanks for persevering!!***



The brief version!  After the essay I wrote last week, anything would be considered brief.

Yes, it’s Wednesday again, time to head on over to Julia’s, add your name to the list and start working away at the linky list of desks to visit.

Things couldn’t be more different here this week, for a start, the bikini is back in the drawer again after our 30C days turned into -2C nights!!  Oh the poor blossom, oh the poor Magnolia (flowers are all brown), oh the poor daffs, etc, etc!!  That slowed them down a bit I can tell you, slowed me down a bit too, especially getting out of bed in the mornings!

So what’s a girl to do when it’s that cold again?  Why, craft of course, so that’s what I did….

I got the Cuttlebug out and worked up a warming glow cranking the handle multiple times!  I cut out lots of those rolled posy flowers and made them all up, used a few on a project and put the others to one side for use whenever.  After that I cut out other shapes that might be useful to have on hand, like swirls and leaves.  They’re now in a little box just waiting for the right project to adorn.

See, I can be brief!  Off you go, more desks to visit!!