That’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday for those of you not in the know, follow the link for all the details.

Not a lot going on round here right now, as can be seen from my lack of posts recently!  This is the first post since last Wednesday.  That was mostly due to helping to put 41 wanna be racing car drivers through their paces at the weekend at the Drivers School at the race track that I volunteer at, I’m Chief of Grid.  Me and my team are responsible for getting the drivers where they need to be, on time, ready to go, all safety checks performed and all rules complied with before releasing them on to the racing surface.  I also have to staff the Grid with about four or five volunteers, including myself, and train them in what to do for the season too.  It took me a while to plan for it and get all the people I needed, and then the two day weekend wiped me out, despite being busy and fun.  It’s hard being on your feet on a hard concrete surface from 8:30am to 6pm for two days straight!  We have six full race weekends and a three day Vintage event between the end of May and the end of September, so not too many really, plenty of time for camping and gardening and kayaking in between, oh and card making of course!!

So the desk is very sadly neglected right now and I just didn’t know what to do first, so I decided to colour some images that were free in a UK card magazine.  I prefer to water colour and didn’t know if the paper they were printed on would take being wet so I was trying out a small area on one of the images with Distress Inks.  I’m happy to say it worked fine (I coloured the butterflies on the image bottom right) so I’ll be colouring in the rest of the images too.

The light was fading so apologies for the photo.  At the back is a PB card, the only one I’ve made in the last week or so, a small tin with paint brushes in, the images and a few Distress Inks is all that can be seen.

I do have something new on my window sill though.  We had a lovely lady leave work last Friday and we had a “pot luck” lunch for her and these were the table decorations.  I was told I could take one btw, I didn’t nick it, although I probably would have done!!

The photo is a bit blurred because it’s moving, the leaves go up and down and the flower goes from side to side!  The little bit at the front where the flower is reflecting is actually a little solar array, actually it’s very light sensitive, needs so sun at all and goes up and down and side to side all day in my North facing craft room!  At the moment I love it but I have a feeling it might just drive me nuts eventually!!  Actually it’s so light sensitive that on really bright sunny days the leaves go up and down so much that they hit the side of the casing!  I fully expect to walk in there one day and find it flying round the room Harry Potter style!!

Enough silliness, plenty more desks to explore and I’m sure they’ll be a heck of a lot more interesting than mine this week!