Just another quick one from me again this week, almost forgot what day it was after having Friday and Monday off work for Memorial Day here in the US.  We had a brilliant time camping, quite hot but thankfully it wasn’t too bad at night.  We got out kayaking, biking and hiking as well as the Farmers Market and a great morning around downtown Holland (Michigan), plus the fun around the campfire and hanging out with our friends.

But you came here for a desk, not a holiday report!  Not much going on as we were busy unpacking and putting things away again.



Hhm, lots of stuff just dumped there, including my reading material from camp (card magazine and The Amber Spyglass, final book in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman); a sketch that I’ve yet to use, some Christmas stamps including some I’ve put up for a prize on Sarn’s Rudolph Day challenge this month.  The camera case is to the right and at the back left some wooden stamp boxes that I’ve had to pull out of the stamp cabinet due to lack of room after all those new Penny Blacks from last week found a home!

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