A scorcher of a day here in Michigan, so I’m afraid the desk has been abandoned as it’s upstairs.  For the first time ever, the temp gauge on the dash of my car was in three digits today when I got in after work, yes, it said 100F (37C).  It did drop as I drove along, but only to 96F (35.5C), which wasn’t as much as I expected, tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, before we cool down a bit again for the weekend.


I did try to craft when I got in from work, honest!  I stamped an image (House Mouse) and I got some co-ordinating paper out that I wanted to use (Memory Box), plus a few pens but that was as far as I got!  I ran off down stairs to make this post and sit in the relative coolness of the family room.  The AC is on for the first time this year, but I’m not cooling the entire house down, just the areas we use the most, and that doesn’t include the craft room!


The Christmas container holds my Memory Box papers, I was going to redecorate it but you know me and Christmas, so I left it!  Everything over the back and to the right is still there from the last couple of weeks and shows no sign of being moved yet!  Although I did have a move around in the stamp cupboard and made some more room for the new stamps that were on the desk last week.

We were away camping last weekend with some friends, and I made it down to the lake in time for the sunset last Friday night, so I thought I’d share one of the pics I took as the patterns in the sky were just something else.


And then on the Saturday morning whilst we were unloading the kayaks from the cars at the dock, we all heard an almighty racket and looked round to see an almost full grown Canadian Goose bearing down on us at a rapid rate of knots with it’s wings outstretched and squawking for Canada!  We all looked around in a panic for the nest as we thought it was being territorial when it braked to a halt about 10 feet from us and then sauntered up making the cutest little cheeping noises and actually rubbing around our legs like a cat!  It very obviously wanted to be fed and wasn’t in the slightest bit bothered by us, it actually let me pet it!


And yes, it has got my finger in its bill in case you were wondering, but it didn’t hurt it!  It then proceeded to sit down at the side of the ramp and watch us finish the boat prep and as we prepared to push off from the shore it joined us in the water squeaking at us!  We think it had possibly been orphaned, we just hope that its friendliness won’t be it’s undoing as it came to see us again when we were finished kayaking!  It looked well fed though, I just hope on all the right things and it doesn’t get too used to begging around the humans.

We’re off jollying again this coming weekend, and with the same people again, minus the goose though, as we’re off in our old British cars to the Vintage Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course about 170 miles from here in Ohio.  At least it’s not going to be so hot (mid 80’s).

Head on off over to Julia’s pad for the linky list and the start of the blog hop, and I’ll be around to see you anon.