It’s that time of the week again, the midway point that used to mean hump day as it was the centre of the working/school week.  Now it’s universally proclaimed as What’s On You Workdesk Wednesday day, really, I kid you not.  Head on over to Julia’s place to find out if it’s true, I promise you it is!

I’ve had another busy weekend, which involved packing up stuff on Thursday night, getting in to work very early on Friday in order to slip off at 1:30pm for a three hour drive down through Ohio in a very noisy and tiny little British car to catch the last of Fridays practice runs at Mid Ohio Race Car Course Vintage Grand Prix, and then eat, set up camp and collapse into bed.

What I’m trying to say is that there hasn’t been a lot going on, the desk is remarkably unchanged so in order to show you something else that might be of interest I’m turning around from my desk and showing you what the rest of this room looks like.

I know, like a bomb’s gone off!  This is what happens to a multi-function room that I share with my husband and his jewellery making, plus a bit of general storage along with the ironing board, when you aren’t at home for four weekends in a row.  When you don’t have time for the chores or the laundry and you’re coming home from somewhere late on a Sunday evening, dumping stuff everywhere and then running around packing it all up again on a Thursday night ready for the off straight after work again on the Friday!  We’re staying at home this weekend, if only to attend to everything we’ve been neglecting in the last four weeks!


Which is going to include tidying up this hole!  No use showing you the desk, it’s practically the same, but I will show you this super cute House Mouse atc I received from the lovely and talented Sue Kment.  Soooo cute, thank you Sue I love it!


And whilst we were at Mid Ohio we entered our tiny little Ginetta G15 into the British Showdown Classic Car show that was going on on the Saturday, almost 300 hundred cars spread over 15 different categories, and we came home sporting a First Place Blue Ribbon for our little old lady, who is 40 this year.  That was quite a surprise as the competition is pretty stiff at this show.


Right, enough waffle from me, I’m off to start desk hopping!