And not of the paper variety either.  Here’s a few photos of how my weekend shaped up, so much for all the tidying and housework that needs to be done eh ladies!!  But I did manage to have a good old clear out in my craft room, and while it’s not yet finished, it is a heck of a lot better than it was last week.

Saturday morning we headed off to the  peace and quiet of the lake.  We were on the water by 9am but despite that fairly early hour it was still very warm and also very sticky as there wasn’t a breeze until we were on our way back down the lake.  We paddled all the way to the top of the lake and under the bridge where the swallows are raising their second broods of the year.  Lots of tiny little faces peering down at us out of mud nests and parents darting here and there trying to gather up enough food for the almost fully developed chicks.

The other side of the bridge is an area of water not well frequented by the fishermen or pleasure boats, we saw another couple in kayaks up here, but apart from them we had it all to ourselves.

We spotted this little family of Sandhill Cranes walking cautiously through the shallows on their long, stilt-like legs, they didn’t look very comfortable to be honest and I’ve never seen Cranes in the water before either.

But if I thought that was an odd enough sight I was more than a bit surprised when they headed out into open water and swam all the way across to the other side of the lake!  I paddled along beside them, but at a distance, but they weren’t too perturbed by my presence.  I Googled them when I got home and came up with another couple of photos of them swimming, all captioned with things like “very rare to see Cranes swimming” and “not a natural swimmer”, “very rare sight” etc, so I think Andrew and I were very privileged to see this.  I can’t think they’re very happy in the water, they don’t have webbed feet for a start, and the way they were bobbing up and down I’d say they were treading water more than outright swimming.

Back on the home front we had some coffee on the deck when we got home.  It’s looking really pretty and very flowery right now, all that hard work in May to prepare and plant all of our tubs, pots and hanging baskets has paid off, and it’s lovely to sit here and enjoy the view and the birdsong.



I worked in the garden for most of the rest of the day.  On Sunday morning we went out for a local bike ride, another hot day, too hot to be riding bikes to be honest but I need to get back into a regular exercise routine again!  I worked in the veggie patch until lunchtime, weeding, trimming unnecessary foliage off the many tomato plants we have, feeding everything and planting some more bush beans.  I came indoors after lunch and had a little nap after a nice cool shower, something I don’t normally do… the nap that is, not the shower!  It was after this that I had a blitz in the crafty room and also made a card too.

Later we decided to try making quesadilla’s on the barbecue as it was too hot to contemplate cooking indoors, so we sauteed a mixed bag of sweet peppers along with a red onion and a chilli, added a few herbs and spices and some left over pre cooked chicken (also barbecued).  We’d bought a pack of large tortilla’s btw, just in case you think we slaved over a hot stove and made them too!  To assemble, we put a bit of the mixture on a tortilla, added some feta and cheddar cheeses, wet the edges, folded them over and put them on a lightly greased tray.  You also have to brush the tops lightly with a little more oil so they crisp up too.  You then cook them by the indirect method on the barbecue by lighting the two outside burners and putting the tray over the centre burner which is not lit, so you don’t have direct heat under the tray as they’d burn.


We served ours with half an avocado each, some plain yogurt mixed with garlic salt, chilli pepper and cilantro in place of sour cream, and a little extra cilantro for garnish.  Very, very tasty but crikey were they hot!  Hot as in temperature rather than spice.  But they were very simple and quick to do and you could make the filling whatever you want, great for vegetarians too, hardly any washing up either which is a distinct bonus!  Perfect summer food eaten outside with a cool beverage on the side!

This week is an oddball one as we have Wednesday off for American Independence Day.  It’ll feel strange having a day off mid week like that, right now we’re planning on hitting the lake again to go kayaking, plus hopefully a bit of crafty time too, now that my room has been tidied up!