The answer, I’m very, very happy to report is not a lot!  Yes, I did what I said I was going to do last week and get into the pit my craft room had become and tidy it up!  It will never be 100% tidy as one of us is usually doing something in there but I was so happy to see it clean again, even if it’s only for a short time!


You might want to avert your eyes if you’re of a sensitive disposition!


Squeaky clean in fact!  There’s a card over there in the corner that I made at the weekend, some paper scraps that were unearthed in the clear up and my tape gun with a new roll sitting on top of it to remind me to change it before I attempt to make anything else.

The other momentous thing to happen around here is that it finally rained!  I bet that won’t mean much to the folks in the UK who have had the wettest April – June on record, but it was the first time it’s rained around here since 17th June, and it’s been hot too, 13 days over 90, last Wednesday was 101F (unheard of for us).  And we’re staying in this heatwave until Sunday, with the potential of more triple digit temperatures at the end of this week.  Not much chance of me getting my desk dirty then until it cools down a bit!

This Wednesday is Independence Day here in the States and I’m off work for the day.  We plan on heading off to the park for some more kayaking and relaxation, so I’ll be a day late getting round to see you all this week.  In the mean time, head on over to Julia’s at Stamping Ground for the low down on the linky list and the mid week blog hop.