Because of the heat here in Michigan (99F again today) I’ve been sitting downstairs in the family room with the A/C on instead of upstairs in my craft room where it’s a bit warm to say the least!  I managed to get some knitting done, ends woven in on some wash cloths, once new one completed last week and also one new one finished tonight.  I also made one of the ruffle scarves as they’re so quick.  I’ve given these as gifts before and they went down really well so I want to get a few more made.  I’ve also given the wash cloths out as gifts too, they’re really handy along with a bar of homemade soap, to give as a house warming present.  And with this heat stopping me from getting upstairs I decided to make a few more to add to the stack of home made gifts for people for Christmas.

It was then, whilst idly browsing the net this lunch break, that I looked at the ABC Christmas blog to see what their theme was this fortnight, only to find we’re up to M and they want us to Make A Gift!  How brilliant is that!  So when I came home tonight, I finished off the cloth I was working on (the green and white one), wove in the ends and put it together with the other items I’ve made for a little photo shoot.

The three cloths on the left were all made in May, the two on the right were made last week (brown/pink) and the one I finished today (green/white).  I’ll continue making these over the year as they’re so quick, and bundle them up into complementary packs of three.  They’re made with Lion Brand 100% cotton.  Some of these made it as far as Australia last year.

And here’s the ruffle scarf too, in lovely shades of blue.  A blue one like this went to Australia last year also, a couple found new homes in England, and a few more went to some American friends, I even sold two of these, much to my surprise.

I plan on making more of these two as everyone who has received them so far really loves them and have had a lot of compliments too.

So there you have it, the start of my Christmas gifts!  I really must get on and finish the socks I started too, although they’re for my own use, they’re not good enough for gifts yet.  Who knows, maybe one day!



ABC Christmas Challenge ~ Make A Gift