I know I’ve moaned a lot about the weather lately.  You’re probably sick of hearing about it, especially those peeps in flooded England, and believe me I’m sick of moaning about it too!  Really I am!  That’s why as much as I want to bitch about the weather again, I won’t!  I’ll just show you our hourly temperature chart for this afternoon/early evening and leave you to make up your own mind about what I might be thinking round about now!

Bear in mind that over 60% of the US is experiencing the worst drought this country has seen since 1956.

We’re hand watering our summer veggies three times a day and they’re still wilting by the time I get home at 5pm.

But before we can water we have to run the hose for a couple of minutes because the rubber is so hot it’s heating the water running through it to a temperature that will scald your hand (and the plants) if you stick your fingers in it too early to see if the water’s coming through cold.

I worked all weekend at the race track!

It was 89F on Saturday and 93F on Sunday.  We had drivers off track, in the wall, in the tyres and crashing into each other.  I blame the heat.  Others came in from their race early cause they couldn’t take any more, they looked about ready to pass out.  I thought I’d be calling the onsite ambulance into the paddock twice but the drivers recovered after some cold water and sitting in the shade.

I had a cold shower when I got home on Sunday night.  Sitting in the family room later with the air conditioning and the ceiling fan on I still had sweat beading up on my upper lip and forehead three hours after I left the track because my inner core was still so hot.

I have a blister on my left hand where I burnt it on the steering wheel of my car last week.

We need rain.  Desperately.

I could go on but I think you get the idea!!  And now the forecast for this afternoon….