Yes really it is, we can’t all be wrong can we????!!!  To see what number Julia thinks it is this week, head on over to her blog to find out and also to see what it is I’m going on about and why we all show our workspaces to the world every Wednesday.

My desk is looking very different today, it’s been taken over by ribbon!  My husband was rather spurred on by all your nice comments about my ribbon holders he made me, and also the encouragement of a couple of local crafting friends so he decided to make his holders available for sale.  He’s been working on the design and features all year and has come up with a number of configurations and options, the stacking option is what you see here and as I wanted to make some bows for some up coming projects, I’ve been road testing them so to speak.  Photo is clickable is you want a better look!

You can stand them individually on a shelf like you’ve seen here before…

Stack them vertically (up to three) or stack them as in the first photo.  He calls them Giraffe Storage Systems, “Heads Above Conventional Storage”!!, and has even designed his own giraffe logo which he had made into a cute little stamp.  What we can’t decide is how to market them.  We’ll be having a simple web page for them but have also wondered about Ebay and Etsy.  I know some of you have Etsy shops and wanted to ask you what you thought of them, do they work and are they easy to set up?  I will also add another page to this blog for information and possibly offer them through here too.  He’s been very excited about this for months now and I haven’t been able to tell you!  He’s been checking these posts and making sure none of his stuff is in the Workdesk Wednesday photos before I was allowed to publish them.  I’ve HAD to retake the photos before because something was on my desk that shouldn’t have been!  He’s been at my desk almost more than I have in recent months, I had to tell him tonight to go and tidy up my nice clean room, because he’s made it messy again!!  Been driving me nuts quite frankly, lol!  Can’t wait til my desk is mine and only mine again!

And while you’re here would you like a weather report?  May as well since you’re here an’ all!  104F again today (Tuesday).   I’ll be around to visit you all soon, and I hope it’s a darn site cooler where you are otherwise I won’t be stopping!!

Fine print a la Princess Judy: No actual giraffes were harmed in the making of these contraptions or in the writing of this post!