Phew that week just flew by!  Here we are again staring down at Wednesday once more, and our weekly jaunt across the crafting desks of the world courtesy of our Julia.

I’m in a bit of a panic this week as I was away for 3 1/2 days at the road racing track for our Vintage Weekend and now I’m trying to play catch up and get a card finished.  The racing weekend was brill, although we did have some rain overnight on Thursday and again during the practice on Friday, but the main racing and spectating days of Saturday and Sunday were clear and sunny with a light breeze.  Although the cars were amazing and the racing fantastic, my main memory I’ll take away from this years event is oil!  As in car engine oil.  As in oil all over the track, and pit lane and the paddock.  As in gallons of the stuff from all the engines that decided that this weekend was their weekend to completely let go.  The Vintage Formula Vee started it when he got rear ended so hard it cracked the engine block.  This was followed rapidly by Paul Newmans’ old March Can-Am car which spilt enough oil to sink a small country; an Alfa with a cracked block, the Jedi DSR that let go heading up the hill with quite spectacular flames and a modern Corvette in the invitational race!  The most spectacular was the Jedi, not just because of the flames but because the driver ended up with some of the rear mounted engine parts rattling around by his feet!  Still, it was a cracker of a weekend and I’ll sort out some photos for another post.

On to the desk for this week…

So what we have at the bottom left is a card magazine on top of a tin that contains a knitting project, these went with me for the weekend but never got a look in!  Some stamped House Mouse images from those new stamps that were on my desk last week, some stamped and embossed rejects top left, some inks and water colouring pens, a couple of punches, some card making detritus and just sneaking in bottom right in my tape gun.  Hope you got all that, there’ll be a test later!!  I’m off to visit desks, see you around!