Hello again desk hoppers!  Very quiet this week in the land of the Butlers who are Abroad, not really sure why but my normal paper crafting has taken a back seat.  There is a desk still for you to enjoy though, a bit more bereft than usual, and scarily clean once again.

The blue sock was taken a long time to knit!  Regulars might remember that I started it about March time frame, right before we hit 80F and as you know, since then it’s only gotten hotter.  Knitting and heat just don’t go together!  And then it got so hot that we had to put the air conditioning on, and suddenly it was cool again, so I dug out the long neglected sock and finished him off, well mostly finished.  I’ve left the darning needle attached to a long bit of wool after finishing the toe and taking the wool to the inside, just in case I have any little blemishes that need to be fixed.  I also rather optimistically cast on already for the next one too!  Let’s see if I can finish it, ooh let’s see, before Christmas!!  If I do manage to finish it by then that’ll take my grand total of sock pairs knitted this year to two and my all time number of sock pairs knitted also to two!!  The book is something I was going to get from Amazon for $18.99 with my coupons but Ebay come up trumps again and I got it for $3.99 plus a bit for posting!!  The author is Dave Brethauer, head honcho over at Memory Box and coloured pencil artist extraordinaire.

In other news, we swapped classic cars for classic planes at Thunder Over Michigan.

I baked some rather remarkable Sweet Lavender and Lemon Scones, still one left I think but you’ll have to be quick!

While we were feasting on those, this fella was feasting on our pepper plants!  Ahem, but he isn’t anymore!!

Oh!  And these little chaps are finally here!  Click on the photo for more info!

And I think that’s it!  Head on over to Julia’s to find out more about WOYWW and to join in.