Here we are again ladies and gents, another Wednesday day has crept up on us, the middle one for August too!  This whole year is just rolling right along isn’t it!  I won’t mention the C word but we all know what’s coming!  But as it’s Wednesday it’s time to head on over to Julia’s to see what other crafters are up to all over the world.  Now all the hoopla surrounding the amazing Olympics has come to an end I hope you’re all back in your crafty zones cranking out some amazing projects and not moping around wondering what to do with yourselves!


After a clean and tidy desk last week I’ve been getting on with things this week, more of those “C Word” cards again, playing about with clean and simple designs that I don’t have to work too hard at to make a few of them production style.  What’s on my desk this Tuesday evening has now been finished and will be posted in the next day or two.


So from the bottom left is a pile of Christmas stamps I’d been using on top of the card magazine that was there last week; then a box of loose ribbons, these are the ones that were either free from a magazine or I bought a couple of yards of them and can’t store them on a ribbon reel; then there’s the card I’m working on and a finished one just above that, some scissors, Nesties, tape and brad boxes over on the right.  One of the ribbon reels is above that along with a couple of wooden stamps, the stamp cleaner and some scrap card.  All of the stamps I’ve been playing with are Penny Blacks, I seem to go in phases for some reason, up until recently almost everything I did had a House Mouse stamp on it somewhere, now it’s PB again.  Don’t faint but one of these days I might just get my Tim Holtz ones out again!

Right, I’m off to visit some desks, so I hope you’re in and have the kettle on!