Yes indeedy, Wednesday has rolled around yet again and here we all are at desk hopping day.  Head over to Julia’s Pad if you’d like to join in and start snooping.

My desk today has gone all stampy, lots of House Mouse stamps on show as I’m gearing up to stamp lots of images to swap with a fellow WOYWWer over in Australia.  So far all the Christmas/Autumn/Halloween types have been pulled out as that’s whats rolling along next for us card makers.  It’s going to take a few days to get these stamped but they’ll be in the post soon and heading off on their big adventure overseas!


I probably should have cleared up the desk a bit from all the Christmas cards I made last week (eight of them), but I just pushed all the papers over to the right and got on with it!  At least my blue mat is clear.  And the stamp cleaner is out as it’s easier to stamp a few and then clean them and put them to one side to dry.

And right up there in the realms of “well, you don’t see that every day”…. we were camping with friends at the weekend and were pootling about on the lake at Sleepy Hollow State Park in our kayaks when a seaplane bobbed down out of the clear blue yonder and landed on the lake just a couple of hundred yards form us!  They then proceeded to open their doors, get out their lunch and eat their sarnies before taking off again!  Pretty funny at the time, but I suppose when you’re hungry you’ve got to eat!


So that’s me for this week, hopefully I’ll see you at a desk near you in the not too distant future!