Quick one from me you’ll be relieved to hear!  I haven’t blogged since this time last week.  Busy at work, at the race track all weekend, knackered on Monday, putting Henna in my hair Tuesday (sitting here wrapped in a plastic bag and an old towel!!), cutting Andrew’s hair and getting stuff out on Wednesday, packing on Thursday and heading Up North Michigan this Friday morning for a 10 day camping trip like last year at this time.  So my last WOYWW for two weeks also, but when I get back I can regale you once more with photos that have absolutely no relevance to Workdesk Wednesday!

But these photos are a good representation of my desk this Tuesday night in Michigan.  Almost identical to last weeks actually, but with one important addition…

That’s the second sock that I last showed a couple of weeks ago as nothing more than 64 cast on stitches, you’re looking at the heel flap and I’m about to make the turn, join the sides and start on the foot!  At this rate I will be finished by Christmas!

That’s me this week, I’ll try and visit as many of you as I can, in between packing and everything else; and I’ll be back WOYWWing with you all in two weeks time.  Chin, chin!