*EDIT Wednesday 9/26*  I’m having trouble commenting on your blogs today.  Anyone who has a built in comment box in Blogger, I can’t see it to leave a comment.  If you have a pop up comment box in a new window, or have a blog hosted by Typepad or WordPress, I can comment on those.  Sorry I can’t comment, but I am looking at all your lovely blogs!!



Hello WOYWWers and non-WOYWWers.  Yes, it’s that time of the week again.  Head on over to Julia’s for all the linky details.

This week finds me just as busy as last week, in all honesty, I think I’ve resigned myself to it until my boy finally  gets dropped off at the airport on Thursday night, after that, I can breathe again!  I haven’t been paper crafting at all and only went in my room to have a little tidy up and to take this picture for you.  Our camping weekend was a bit wet, more than a bit actually as we got 1.7″ of rain Friday and Saturday.  We did have a break from it on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning so managed two dry walks and a bike ride in the sunshine, but we got soaked at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, which is probably why the last bits of my cold are lingering on!!  It was all good though, even the thunderstorms, the torrential rain, the hail and the waterspouts over the lake!  Waterspouts would be tornadoes on dry land btw caused by cool air temps passing over warm water.  They’re not damaging, unless you’re silly enough to out on the lake in weather like that!!

So I got a lot of knitting time in and my blue socks are now finished but you’ll have to wait for the reveal!  Instead I want you to see what I was incredibly lucky enough to win in Glitter Grammy’s amazing blog candy!  I’m still astonished at the quantity and quality of it and don’t want to put it all away!  I still keep sticking my head in the door and smiling when I see what’s on the desk!

There was ribbon and burlap, material, flowers of all kinds, stamps, charms, brads, Perfect Pearls, foam dimensional’s, bling, a Memory Box butterfly die, 2 6×6 paper packs (MME & Melissa Frances) and all manner of little doo dads.  I couldn’t believe what kept coming out of that box!  So I wanted to publicly thank Mary for her kindness and generosity, I’m still staggered at the size and quality of this win.  I just hope I can do it all justice!!

I also wanted to thank you for your amazing faith in my knitting abilities!  Famfa had a knitting question last week and no end of you said you didn’t know the answer but Brenda would!!  Actually I did know the answer but only because I made that same mistake when I started too.  I know I’m a long way from a knitting guru and if you want any proof of this look no further than the new socks on the needles for my hubby….. I only pulled them out four times before I could get going with them!!  I have a long way to go!

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the last WOYWW of September, next time we meet it’ll be in October!  Yikes, where is this year going!