Well, here we are again, Wednesday once more.  Time for the world wide desk hop as organised by Julia.
I hope to be able to get back in to blogging again, not just the one post a week like I’ve been doing for the last six weeks now!  Last Thursday night I put my boy on a plane to head home to England for a month in order to visit his family.  I still haven’t had time to breathe since then, but it should be getting better.  I was at the race track this past weekend for the last time, not just for this year, but also for me as I’ve retired from being Chief of Grid and won’t be spending 8 weekends of my summer there.  It was a very emotional weekend for me to say the least, you can’t walk away from a place where you’ve been a part of the fixture for the last ten years without shedding a few tears.  I was given gifts and cards, cakes and etched glasses, even gift cards.  And I was hugged and thanked by so many people that my neck was starting to ache!  There were announcements in the paddock and posts on the track forum.  My bags are still in the laundry room where I dumped them when I got back home on Sunday evening, apart from the food containers I haven’t unpacked them, can’t bear to.  Obviously I don’t have to walk away for good, I can work special weekends if I want to, and I can still go and spectate and visit whenever I want to.

So to cheer myself up, I decided to make a card last night, the first one since the middle of August…… but it seems I’ve forgotten how!!  I haven’t forgotten how to make a mess though!

Picture quality is naff, Andrew has the good camera with him in England.  Not much point in explaining things, all the usual suspects are there, I was using Memory Box dies and stamps, but it seems even they couldn’t save me from myself!!  I’m considering going to my local stamp store this Saturday and taking a little card class they’re doing, make six Christmas cards in a couple of hours for $18, I need something to kick my butt in gear again!

Hopefully I’ll be able to visit more of you this week, blogger wouldn’t allow me to comment on most of your blogs last week, I’m hoping they’ve got that fixed now.