Greetings desk hoppers from a cold but sunny Michigan, the Fall colours are stunning here at the moment, but everything has peaked at once due to the summer drought we experienced.  It’s been very cold at night though, with lows around 32F/0C, although it is bouncing around quite a bit.

I hope I was able to get round to everyone who visited me last week, it’s surprising how much time the trivial stuff of life, like grocery shopping and cooking, take out of a weekend now I’m having to do it all to keep myself in decent meals whilst Andrew is in England.  But I now have a huge pot of leek and potato soup, a really big tray bake of shepherds pie with cheesy potatoes, and enough left overs of Aloo Ghobi (Indian spiced cauliflower and potatoes… can anyone see a theme here!!), to keep me well fed until Christmas I think!!

Unfortunately the card class I was planning on taking last weekend got cancelled due to lack of interest, so I had a mooch around Archivers on Saturday morning instead as they always have loads of cards on display and a lot of theme displays to browse through.  I also completed a free “make and take” project using Martha Stewart items, it’s a foldy card bag thingy with a pumpkin theme (not in the picture).  So on Sunday afternoon I looked at some challenge blogs I like and found a really nice sketch on one of them, and had another go in the craft room, after first having a tidy up as it really helps clear my mind.  Despite having to stamp and colour my very simple focal image twice (yes, I’ve also forgotten how to colour), I was happy with what I came up with and how it turned out too, just needs a couple of finishing touches and a sentiment, which I’ve already decided what it’s going to be.  Should be posted here in a day or two.

This is how the desk looks currently:

Not a brilliant photo as the good camera is in England and I’m not!  My almost finished card is there, along with some seam binding for bow making, and a new SEI Christmas pad, Berry Melody, that I treated myself to at the weekend!  Plus a mug of tea, Plantation Peach this time, bought at the one and only tea plantation in America when we were in South Carolina in April.  Front and centre is a sock!  I realised that I never did the reveal of my blue pair, so I had planned on that today, but now I can only find one of them!!  I haven’t even worn them and I’ve lost one already, I thought socks only went missing in the wash!  Anyway, on the needles is the very first pair to be made for Andrew, love the colours in these, and I’ve completed the leg and have started on the heel flap.  So although I haven’t been particularly busy in the craft room, I have enjoyed knitting up these socks for him.  I’ve also been and bought a pair of circular needles too as I have every intention of turning that Alpaca/Icelandic sheep yarn I brought back from Northern Michigan into a beanie hat for him too!  And yes, the socks will go into his Christmas stocking as I really like the irony of finding stockings in your stocking on Christmas morning!!
I’ve also been enjoying the series “Vera” in the evenings, streamed from Netflix.  Really love the location and the beautiful accents (I’m from Durham so I love to see the beautiful North East on the tv), and the eye candy in the form of her Detective Sargent isn’t bad either!!  Thinking of looking out the books, has anyone read any of them?

I’ll leave you with a scrumptious piece of cake (raspberry and white chocolate, all home made) and the roses I was given at the track the other weekend which are still going strong. Thanks for all your good wishes by the way, not an easy thing to walk away from something  when you’ve been so involved with it for 10 years, but I’m coming to terms with it.

Unfortunately you can’t actually have the cake as I ate it.  It was very good, but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for that!!

I hope all of you who are attending the WOYWW crop this weekend have a brilliant time, shame I can’t be there too, I’ll just have to make another cake and eat it in your name!!