Hello WOYWWers, hope all of you that made it to the crop are feeling suitably recovered, I hear it was quite the event and would have loved to be there.  I’m hoping that we get to see some more photos on the blogs as we all trundle round on our visits, after first stopping off to pay homage to Julia.

I had a bit of a spurt at the weekend and made two cards (they are already posted if you scroll down)!  And the good news is that I’m happy with them too, plus I have some more ideas floating around that I’d like to try, it felt good to be creating with paper again I can tell you.

I also managed to find that missing blue sock, it was in a bag with some wool!  So I can now do a little reveal for you, and yes, that is my dining room table that I’ve got my feet up on!!!

I didn’t make a lot of progress with Andrew’s sock at the weekend, mostly because I was busy making cards in the craft room, but I finished the heel flap, turned the heel, knitted up the gussets and I’m now just starting the decreases from the heel into the foot.  But I have actually realised that I forgot to measure the length of his foot before he left for England so I’m going to have to wing it.  And also that beanie hat I mentioned last week, I didn’t measure his head either!!!  Details, details.

And you might have noticed your cake and flowers for this week.  The flowers are a small bunch of seasonal coloured Mums and the cake is Blueberry and Lemon.  There’s a few pieces of this left  if you’re quick, most of it went to work so it didn’t last long, but I put a couple of pieces in the fridge at home in case you wanted to stop for tea whilst you were here??  I used frozen blueberries so they mostly sunk to the bottom, but the flavour was still really good, especially as I poured the lemon glaze over the tray while it was still warm and let it soak in.  And it doesn’t taste of sock, or smelly feet!!  In other baking news I made bread rolls in the slow cooker at the weekend, anyone ever tried that?  And I also cooked up a lovely roast chicken, complete with mash, gravy and all the veg.  In hindsight, a 6lb chicken was a bit much for one person, but I’m really enjoying the leftovers…. every day!!!!!

Short(ish) and sweet this week, time to head off to more desks.