Hello everyone.  First of all I hope all of our WOYWWing peeps in the Eastern part of the US are all safe and well, that’s quite a storm front we’re having to contend with, terrible photos from the badly affected area today and I’m sure for days to come too.  And I just have to ask Sandy… what on earth did you do to get a storm of that enormity and ferocity named after you!!

I have a few things to show you this week so I’ll get straight to it, this is my desk this week:

I didn’t get anything done on the paper crafting front since last week.  I did pull out some more Christmas papers and a set of Penny Black Stickeroos but nothing came of it, and the Fiskars stamps are still there from last week (rubber cling ones top left).  At the front though is a whole bunch of new stuff Andrew brought back from England for me… from the left you see a little pile of free magazine stamps and papers, a set of House Mouse Joanna Sheen stamps I won in March!!, and a little pile of gently used stamps I bought from Pam and Scoopy Sue when they were both selling off a few things earlier in the year.  I had them sent to my MIL to keep the postage costs down and had Andrew bring them back for me.  At the back is a lovely little card  that Pam had included, I’ve only just got to see it Pam, thanks so much!!
Next up are my lovely home made gifts from Jo, had to use the flash unfortunately as the day has been so dreich and awful, cloudy, rainy and windy most of the day with a bit of ice and snow mixed in!

What you see here is the beautiful hand folded packaging and the amazing handmade gifts.  When I made my choice I couldn’t decide between a pendant or bag bling so I asked Jo to decide!  Obviously she couldn’t either, as I got both!!  Beautiful pieces they are too, thanks so much Jo.

For the sock fans, here’s an update!

One sock down, one on the go!  Nice fresh flowers again but no cake!!  I have someone to talk with now at the weekends and in the evenings!  Actually a funny thing happened at work today, I was in the break room getting coffee when one of the Engineers came in.  He said “I take it your husband is back from England then?”  I asked how did he know…. and he said I didn’t bring any home made cake in on Monday!!!

And finally, here’s a random photo from Andrew’s trip to England.  He took his Mum and Sister to see his brother in Kendal in The Lake District (a National Park for the non UK contingent) and this is a pic from a walk they went on.

That right there is one of the main reasons I still miss the UK so much, even after more than 18 years.  What you’re looking at is Grasmere (mere is the old English word for a lake, tarn is the old English word for a small lake or pond).  The mountains at the back in sun, from the left are The Lion and the Lamb ( a rock formation on top looks like a lion with a lamb standing between its paws) and then the huge bulk of Hellvellyn dominates the picture.  We’ve climbed/hiked up there many times, although not is recent years.

All that is left is for me to point you in the direction of the Fair Julia’s for the linky list and the start of the Wednesday desk hop.  See you around.