Yes folks, it’s Wednesday again.  I know, hardly seems like a couple of days since it was last Wednesday let alone a week.  Since then we’ve had Halloween, Bonfire Night and now the US Presidential election is underway, so quite a number of things to keep us busy.  I was surprised to see that I hadn’t posted since last week…. again, really don’t know where the time goes some days.

My desk this week is scarily similar to my desk most weeks, in that all you’ll find here is Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas.  And some knitted socks of course, can’t have a Wednesday Workdesk without socks any more can we?  I can imagine the uproar the first time I show you a desk sans knitting, not this week of course, but it might happen in the not too distant future, who knows?

Let’s get the sock out of the way first!  The heel has been turned and I’m working on the decreases around the ankle, not long to go now, seems like I’ve been knitting this pair forever!  On the left is an old recipe box that contains Christmas dies, mostly of the Memory Box variety if you’re familiar with their packaging.  There’s two sets of PB clear Christmas stamps, another MB die, a partially finished card, some Distress Inks for colouring the image on said card, and to the right, a pile of 6×6 Christmas paper pads.  I’m going through them to share some of the duplicate sheets with another WOYWWer who wants to make her own Christmas cards this year.  I haven’t yet pulled my 12×12 packs out of the cupboard yet to go through, so plenty there to keep me busy!

No cake for you all to snack on again this week.  I was busy in the kitchen at the weekend but it was all in preparation for Christmas as I baked our Christmas cake and made the mincemeat ready for the mince pies.  This coming weekend I plan to make the sweet and savoury pastry to pop in the freezer for nearer the day, saves so much time and I don’t get all tired out by doing everything in one day either.  You can just call me Nigella, lol!!

Off you pop to Julia’s for the linky list.  I’m going to try very hard not to be number one again this week!!  The problem with life at the top is that so many people get to you first so I spend all my time doing reciprocal visits and I never even see the list for myself!!