Ha!  Quick as a flash Wednesday has arrived again!  It’s a cold one here in Michigan too after a lovely weekend where we recorded a balmy 67F (19C) on Sunday, only it didn’t last and today (Tuesday as I type this), it struggled to a high of 34F (1C)!  That’s a bit of a difference!

Anyway, it’s WOYWW day with Julia, and this is my desk this week, and not a sock to be seen either!!



Dark evening, lights on, curtains shut.  It’ll be like this until March no doubt!  And yet more Christmas on the go!  I decided I’d neglected my House Mouse stamps for long enough, and I’m making a shaped card based on a folded treat bag.  The red card in the middle is my folded card blank, the Halloween version of which can be spotted at the top, which is where I got the idea from in the first place.  There’s a number of punches and dies on show as I was trying to decide what to embellish it with (still can’t decide!).  And you’ll spot some reels to the left of the punches, I picked up a bargain of 12 American Crafts spools of baker’s twine in a pack for a very silly price at the weekend.

On the baking front I managed to make some pastry for Christmas treats and put it in the freezer, still got some more to do but steady as she goes.  I also made some Pumpkin Spiced Scones for a weekend treat, and if there are any left I’ll pop up a photo with the recipe in a day or two, they’ve been disappearing a bit two quickly to get the camera organised I’m afraid.
No socks this week, but there should finally be a reveal of the finished pair next week.