Hello all and welcome to another edition of What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted as usual by the veritable Julia of Stamping Ground fame.  This is Thanksgiving week here in America, which means I have Thursday and Friday off work for a nice long weekend!  I’m looking forward to a bit of downtime as I’ve been really busy lately and I wasn’t able to get round to many of you at all last week for WOYWW.  I had good intentions but they came to naught!  I usually comment on my lunch breaks but I worked right through last Wednesday, had a much shortened one on Thursday and went to our work cafeteria with my colleagues on Friday for a free Thanksgiving lunch.    The weekend wasn’t any better as Friday evening saw Andrew and I in downtown Northville for the Holiday Parade and lighting up ceremony, Saturday we went to see the new Bond movie followed by dinner with friends (both excellent btw), and Sunday I went to a Stampin Up card class with another friend where we made 10 Christmas cards, snacked, chatted and socialised with other crafters.  I also got my very first taster of Stampin Up products too.

So on to the desk.

[If you’re wondering why there’s a large Gingko leaf bottom left you’ll have to talk to Him Indoors, he’s always fiddling with my photos!!]

It’s looking a bit staged as I wanted to get everything in to one shot.  But you can see five cards there, they were made at the class on Sunday, we did two of each design; the socks are there, completely finished, sewn in and checked over for mistakes, all ready for the Christmas wrapping now!  There’s also something new on the needles, but quite what that is remains to be seen because it’s not a sock!!  There are also two Stampin Up catalogs there too (sorry about the glare from the flash), little printed money pits is what they really are, lol!!

That’s me for this short working week, you’ll find the full desk hopping list over at Julia’s as per usual.  If anyone was interested in any of the pumpkin recipes I’ve talked about recently I posted them on Monday, so scroll down if that’s your thing.  All that remains is to wish all my American visitors and friends a very happy and safe Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Oh, and if I may.  We launched the Giraffe Ribbon Storage systems on Amazon the other week and there have already been 7 sold!  There will be a three day Thanksgiving “Black Friday” sale on them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday if anyone is interested.