Hello All, it’s desk hopping time again.  Another busy week has elapsed in the Butlers Abroad household, despite the four day weekend we had for Thanksgiving.  We had a long list of things to do and managed to accomplish most of them, and as a result this house is now looking an awful lot like Christmas!

But don’t worry, I won’t show you that yet!  Instead, here’s the desk.

Looking more like Fall than Christmas as for whatever reason, that garland got dumped on my desk instead of being put away.  There’s an empty red tin, also relocated from downstairs, some flyers and practically everything else is the same as last week.  With the exception of that yarn that is.  New stuff, from Ebay.  I just peeked and discovered no one was bidding, possibly because they were all stuffing themselves with Turkey at the time!!  I have a little list of sock yarn I really want to try if I can find it at the right price, and find it I did.  The purple yarn is Kertzer brand from Germany, $15 a large ball… $6.99 on Ebay.  The pink is Crystal Palace Panda Yarn, $7.50 each plus shipping normally, I got all four for $12.65 including shipping!  And finally, the two blue balls are also German, Regia brand, pure new wool and nylon, machine washable and dryable up to 40C with a 10 year guarantee.  The cheapest I’ve found online is $7.50 a ball, normally it’s $8.00 plus shipping, I got both of those for $9.99 shipping included.  I think I did rather well and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

But I have to finish this first, this is my next sock project, already up to the heel.

The yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn, pure Merino wool, bamboo and a bit of nylon.  I’m really liking the socks made with bamboo in them and I’m loving the colour of this one, it’s called Mint.  And over to the left is what I showed you that was on the needles last week, it’s a teapot cover!  As requested by Andrew!  An no one guessed right as to what it was either!  Although I have to admit, it’s nothing like a normal tea cozy, just a tube really!

So that’s me this week, head off over to Julia’s for the start of the linky list and I’ll see you at a desk somewhere in the world no doubt!