Morning, morning.  How are you all this fine day.  I’m counting down the days until Friday 21st, when I finish work until January 2nd, I’m really looking forward to some much needed down time as I’m sick again…. the fourth time this year, or maybe it’s the fifth, I’ve lost count!  I’m hoping a few days of lounging around on the sofa will see me right again so I can enjoy the festivities.

My desk actually got some attention this last week as I had a birthday card to make for my nephew who has a birthday at the end of December, so I had to clear the clutter and get on with it.  This is the desk after I was done with it all, the card is in the top right but is now in the post, winging it’s way to England.

I can’t think of a more uninspiring desk!  All the crap from the last couple of weeks has just been pushed to one side in order to make a space to work with, and it’s all been left like that too, with the exception of the card that’s now in the post.  I’m planning a full scale assault on the room over the break, get it looking all ship shape again.

No knitting this week, I haven’t had the energy to cast on the second sock of the pair that I need to finish, another task for the break methinks!  All that remains to to point you in the direction of Julia and her linky list, and to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.