Hello WOYWWers and a happy 2013 to you all.  Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and that Santa was kind to you and brought you some nice pressies.  I have some new things on my desk this week, I didn’t ask for many crafty things for Christmas this year and I mostly kept out of the shops in the weeks leading up to the big day too.  I still have a few stamps that I got last year that I haven’t used yet, so decided to scale back a bit.

I got a couple of new punches, a Stampin’ Up embossing folder and stamp set, two Crafters Companion Lacy Dies and a stamp, some new bits for my trimmer, some sock wool and over to the top right is my main present of a set of Prismacolor Pencils, the special sharpener and a couple of blending pencils too.  Looking very colourful in the bottom left corner is a smallish draw string knitting project bag hand made in Guatemala by women in small villages who weave traditional patterns and fabrics and make different kinds of bags.  It has some pockets on the inside and is plenty big enough to hold my current project, needles, spare wool and whatever else I decide to tote around with me.  Much better than the old biscuit tin I used to carry around the house!  There’s also a sock there, the second one of the pair I started before the break, I’ve just turned the heel on it.  Some of you may recall that I had oral surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth on December 28th, that went very well and the sock knitting kept me quiet and out of trouble for a couple of days whilst I got over the worst of the effects of it.  I still have a little numbness in my jaw and I’m being careful with my food but it’s not bothering me hardly at all.  In fact, two days after surgery we had a lunch out and went to see The Hobbit movie and then the next day I went Cross Country Skiing!!

And talking of snow, I snapped this in my front garden on New Years Eve.  We have about 8″ of lovely fluffy snow on the ground right now, it was perfect for the skiing and looks so pretty too.

It’s been very cold though, hovering around -12C (11F) at night here and staying below freezing during the day.   Well my lovelies, all that remains is to point you in the direction of Miss Julia for the start of the linky list, and no doubt I’ll round to visit you soon.