For the lovely Darnell and her equally lovely Hubby, an anniversary card to help them celebrate their special day today.

It’s not a new card I’m afraid, work really gets in the way sometimes, but I don’t think it’s a card Darnell will have seen before.  When I get home from work later I shall scan a wedding photo of me and my own Mister and add it to the linky party that Ardyth  is hosting especially for Darnell, so pop back tomorrow to see us in all our glory on our wedding day.

As promised, I’m back with wedding photos from our beautiful day in May 1989.  We were married in a tiny church on the banks of Thirlmere and beneath the towering bulk of Helvellyn in The English Lake District.  Pictures of the church can be found here and more here. And before leaving you should also click on this link which shows more views of the area, especially the lakeside ones and these were our view from the outside of the church.

And here’s a close up of the back of my lovely dress taken in the guesthouse we all were staying in before leaving for the church.  We were all in guest houses as we chose to get married over 250 miles from where we lived at the time!

Anyway sweetie, Happy Anniversary, have a wonderful day and I hope you have many, many more.