Wow, Wednesday again, I know we all say it but boy has this last week just flown by!

I’ll keep it brief as I have a few things to show you.  First of all thanks everyone for the birthday wishes last Wednesday, I had a lovely homemade meal and desert waiting for me when I got home.  We had home done Chicken Kiev with vegetables and a really scrummy Lemon & Lime Tart for afters, and there’s been plenty of the tart left over for seconds, thirds and even fourths!  I sound like a hobbit now!  First photo is of my crafty gifts.  I’d placed an order with Simon Says Stamp for Memory Box dies and stamps from both sets of parents, and there were a couple of crafty items from Andrew too.

Sorry for the image quality, I took the photo, put everything away and only realised that the photo wasn’t good.  I also received some new pajamas, a book, some sock wool, a couple of tops and a lovely pair of Fiskars scissors especially made for knitters.

And talking of socks, here’s a reveal of the most recent pair to come off my needles and onto my (pointy) feet!

As you can see from the bit of deck on display, all of our snow has melted as we had temperatures around 14C for a couple of days, plus about an inch of rain.  It’s got really cold again since then but there’s no snow on the horizon.  I have my next sock project lined up already, I’m going to attempt patterned ones this time so wish me luck!

And finally this was the desk on Sunday afternoon, I haven’t been back in the room since them, busy knitting a hat for Andrew downstairs by the fire.  My Prisma pencils are out as I was colouring again, the black pot with the white lid contains the mineral oil for blending the pencils and just to the right of that are the blending stumps I use.  There’s a few inks and some stamps, a mug of water, foam dots, my special trimmer that cuts waves or a gentle snow hill and then there’s the scissors.  The black case holds three pairs, the green handled pair are my fussy cut scissors and the orange handled pair are my new Fiskars ones sporting their own little leather case that Andrew sewed for me to keep them safe in my knitting project bag!  Yes, I know Darnell, I should rent him out!!

Oh, and talking of Darnell, anyone who has a spare moment, please pop over and wish her and her wonderful hubby a very happy anniversary for today!

I’m off to link up with Julia, the keeper of desks, and then jump onto the desk hop.