Hello desk hoppers. Yes it’s Wednesday again and time for our weekly jaunt around the work areas of the crafting world. Julia has the details if you’d like to sign up.

First up, another weather report, lol! Last week at this time if was -19C…. this week it’s 13C and I was woken up this morning by torrential rain and thunderstorms; and in between last Wednesday and today we’ve had 5.5″ of snow, followed by sleet, hail, freezing rain, rain and now thunderstorms! Oh and the low tonight will be -7c again, so it’s all going to freeze and that will be a lovely journey to work on Thursday morning.

Best thing to do is to stay inside and craft, and with a bit of luck, I’ll be doing that when I get home from work later. So, here’s the desk this week…

I was in a stamping and inking frenzy, working on that Spring card you see on the mat. I ended up using nine inks and six sets of stamps. The large box holds most of my clear stamps, I’d pulled it forward out of the cubby to go through it and find stamps to use on my card. The white thing stuck in it is my card blank, I put it out of the way so as not to get ink on it. There’s a smaller blank on top of the bakers twine spools that I was initially going to use. The card is finished and posted and the desk is somewhat tidied, but sitting on it now is a huge pile of cleaned stamps that need to go back in their packets!

For the sock fans, the pink sock from last week has doubled in size and I’m very close to starting the heel, no photo of it as it would essentially be the same as last week, but I thought you might like to see this..

We took advantage of the 5.5″ of snow by going cross country skiing at the weekend, even though it was still very cold. This was me all wrapped up just before we started off, I don’t think a square millimetre of skin is on display!

I go to work looking like this too when it’s really cold. Well, minus the ski goggles of course! Look a bit odd arriving at work in a car wearing ski goggles!!!  And one last photo, this is our family room floor after 1 1/2 hours of skiing.

Everything you see there is soaked and has to be dried out, and it’s not soaked because we keep falling over either, it’s sweat!!  You burn a tremendous amount of calories over the 1 1/2 hours, as much as playing tennis non-stop for the same amount of time!  The only thing not there are the leggings and our socks!!

And on that sweaty note I’ll leave you to ponder your day!!

Oh, one last thing!  I’ve had a card shortlisted for a monthly challenge at a local scrap booking store and I’m up for a nice prize if I win!  You can help by popping over to their site and voting for me, I’m No2 on the list.  Pick Monthly Challenge on the left hand side.  It’s easy to spot as there’s one LO and one card to vote for, mine is the card.  Cheers in advance!