A tidy up?  But she’s always got a tidy desk I hear you exclaim!  Ha!  How little do you know my friends!  What you have witnessed week in, week out is a tightly cropped photo of the desk, nothing else, just the desk.  I haven’t shown you the bigger picture for a while now.  Wanna see it?  I warn you, I’m not responsible for your reactions, OK?

Not too bad really, nothing a quick 10 minute clean up wouldn’t put right!  Want to see behind me?

Yeah, that’s going to take a wee bit longer than 10 minutes to clear up!!  And how about to the left?

Looks like my tidy halo has slipped somewhat, lol!  I took these photos on Friday night and then spent a good part of the weekend having a massive tidy up and clear out.    At one point I made Andrew help, as a lot of the mess on the sofa was his, but I mostly did it on my own as I wanted to also have a think about how I stored things and empty out some of the drawers and put them to better use.

So, in an attempt to get my tidy halo back in place I’m now going to show you how we/I got on. I took these photos on Sunday afternoon and  I tried to take the clean photos from the same angle as the messy ones.  The desk area:

Behind me:

And to my left:

You have to admit that’s quite a change!  I moved the drawer contents around a bit, shredded a large drawer full of crafting receipts, and even punched out loads of leaves, flowers and snowflakes from the tiniest bits of offcuts and card that forever seemed to spill over onto my desk.  I sorted through all of the old bought Christmas cards I’d been saving and kept a few for cutting up, the rest I recycled; and I moved around most of the cubby’s on my desk too.

The biggest change you might notice is that the Stickles are no longer displayed along the edge of the cubby, but they’re all now corralled in their own tin.  Not as colourful I admit, but the space behind where they were is much more usable as I’m no longer knocking them everywhere when I reach for something.  Underneath them are four cardboard drawers from a software vendor I deal with at work, I’d been saving them to alter but we all know that’s not going to happen, so I’ve started using them as they are.  Above that lot are two boxes of clear stamps, much easier to get to and I’ve already used them for a Less Is More card, instead of forgetting I’ve even get them.  I still want to make better use of the cubby top left, not sure how left so I’ve left it for the time being.  There’s a couple of stamps on the desk that I want to use and a sketch that I used that needs to be put away.

And that my friends, is that.  I’m sure if you head over in Julia’s direction you’ll find many more desks to look at.  Oh and before I go, thanks to everyone last week who voted for me, my card won the challenge at my LSS and I’m just waiting for them to let me know what happens next.