Well here we all are again, ready for the weekly desk hopping extravaganza with our intrepid leader Miss Julia, the keeper of the linky list!  You’ll be pleased to hear that my room is still nice and tidy, I only managed to make two cards since this time last week.  I do still have some interesting things on the desk though to show you this week:

First up, you can’t fail to notice those lovely flowers on my desk and that huge box of them at the back!  They’re all Wild Orchid Crafts flowers and I won them from the lovely Di of Pixies Crafty Workshop fame!  She told me there was a shoe box full, and there was too!  It had arrived last Wednesday when I got back form work.  Just in front of that is a lovely little package of stamped images from the inimitable Darnell, they arrived this week, Tuesday I think it was!  And taking centre stage is the makings of a sock!  Looking nothing more than a tube right now, I’ve just started work on the heel, and it’s after this point that the magic occurs and it miraculously starts looking like something you could wear.  It’s been a very slow knit this one, haven’t had an awful lot of time to devote to it to be honest.  There’s also a large McGill punch sitting there, it has three sizes of tags it punches out.  I haven’t done anything with that Penny Black stamp since last week either, I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike!

I do have one stupendous piece of news though…. that I can’t share just yet, but I can announce it this coming Friday!  So pop back then if you want to know what else has been going on!  In the meantime, I’m off to start desk hopping!