Woosh, it’s Wednesday once more.  Desk hopping day with Julia and the crowd.  Head on over for more info and the start of  the linky list.

First of all, the news from last week that I was teasing you with!  I was picked to be a DT Member at Sparkles Monthly Challenge, my first ever.  I was “mildly” excited lol!  There’s a badge over there to the right if you’d like to join in with our challenge, we run monthly, so plenty of time to partake!  Hope to see you there!

But enough waffling, on to the desk for this week, snapped late on Sunday night when I was finishing off another Christmas card.  As per usual, I haven’t made it back into the room since the weekend either so it still looks like this, apart from the card that is, I got that finished up.

So, more Christmas cards, more Christmas, stamps, more Christmas punches and more flowers!!   Not a whole lot different from last week if the truth be told.  But there is this, a Valentines Day gift from the Hubby.  I came home to find it on the wall and filled with ribbon!  And no, he didn’t run out and buy me more ribbon, just hunted around in drawers and other ribbon storage devices for stuff to fill it up with!

Pretty nifty, I like the two bottom rods to hold offcuts and ribbon bought by the yard.

The socks are no further along I’m afraid, but there is this now, for his nibs, as it’s a bit nippy outside again.

He was a bit confused by it though, asked me what good was a hat with a hole at each end!!!  For those of you with long memories, it’s made from the 50% Alpaca/50% Icelandic Sheep yarn that I brought back with me from Northern Michigan last September.  I also plan on adding a thicker red band in a few more rows as I know I don’t have enough of the black wool to complete it.  It’s worked on four needles, not three like the socks and I really dislike that extra needle!  I find that the way I have to hold it makes my wrist ache.  Almost done though, I’ll do another red bit and then start on the decreases.  It’s only about 5″ tall in this photo, I think I got too close to it with the camera as it looks huge!!

So, what are you up to this week then??