Gosh, Wednesday again!  This time I really don’t know where the week went, don’t think I’ve posted since last Thursday either.

My boy celebrated his birthday last Saturday so we’ve been out and about doing things, cooking nice meals and generally spending a bit of time together.  After cards, gifts, coffee and phone calls on Saturday we headed out to Ann Arbor, a local college town.  Our first stop was the old warehouse district for lunch and a browse round the market and the very eclectic shops that now make up this area, more on one of the shops in a bit.  After that we spent a couple of hours at the free University of Michigan Museum of Art (locally known as UMMA!) which was absolutely superb, and then found a nice coffee house to while away an hour.  After that we wandered the streets until it was time for dinner at a superb little Mexican restaurant, and then we dug out our tickets and went and stood in line for 15 minutes until the doors of The Ark opened and in we all popped out of the cold to see Suzanne Vega.  It was an excellent show and we had seats just four rows from the front.  Sunday was definitely quieter!

Oh, and talking of my boy, that ribbon organizer on my wall last week….. he didn’t buy it, I neglected to tell you that he actually made that for me!

So, on to the desk this week, same old same old I’m afraid!

I’ve got the makings of another card on the desk, a Christmas one again, trying to decide between some Wild Rose Studio stamps, a Krafin’ Kimmie and a couple of Whiff of Joy ones (the red ones).  There’s also some sentiments and a sketch too.  Plus two new balls of sock wool on clearance at Michaels for a song, and two new stamps beside them that I got for 40% off at The Paper Garden, a US online retailer who are having a really good sale right now (Spellbinders for 50% off).  There’s also a new small pack of mulberry paper from the aforementioned shop in Ann Arbor, and boy, is this place a gem!  The store is called Hollander’s and they sell “decorative paper and book binding supplies”.  My God, that’s putting it mildly, this place is a treasure trove!  Most of their papers are gift wrapping size, 19″ x 27″ so you’d get a lot from one sheet for craft projects, and the vast majority of it is under $5 a sheet… Florentine, Japanese, Silkscreen, hand made, tissue, marbled, Thai, every type of pattern, colour and texture imaginable.  They even sell real Papyrus and bark!  Plus they have a ton of book binding supplies and run accredited courses to learn this ancient art.  They’re one of the largest stores of this kind in America with well over 1,600 different papers to choose from!  I had to keep my hands well and truly in my pockets I can tell you!  Have a look at their website and you’ll see what I mean!!

So, a little later on Tuesday evening I’ve got a card mostly finished, nothing is stuck down yet, I’ll still playing around with the LO.

I decided on one of the Whiff of Joy stamps.  And if you’re wondering why I’m still making Christmas cards, have a peek out of my window, I snapped this right after I got in from work on Tuesday, having driven through rain, sleet and a 1/4″ of hail on the road to get home before it turned to all snow.  That is the start of Winter Storm Rocky who has decided to stop in for a visit.  I brought my lap top back home with me and I’m seriously hoping for a “work from home” day today!!

We’re supposed to get 4″ – 7″ of very wet, heavy snow by the end of Wednesday, just hope it doesn’t end up bringing down the power lines!  So with that, I’ll send you off to visit Julia for the explanation of WOYWW and the start of the linky list, should you need it!  ***EDIT*** No snow day for me, Bah Humbug, we got about 4″ of wet snow before it turned to rain again, the roads are messy but driveable, so I’m sitting here at work, sigh!**