Happy Wednesday peeps.  How is everyone coping with the snow in England!  I shouldn’t gloat but it was 16C here on Sunday and we managed to get out for a nice walk, Monday was 10C and raining (at least it wasn’t snow), but it all fell apart last night as  we’re back below freezing and have a scattering of snow on the ground again!  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

So….. what exactly was it that was missing from my desk last week then?  Most of you who had a guess said knitting, which wasn’t correct as I don’t always show you knitting.  However, a couple of you got it banged to rights….. there was no Christmas on the desk at all!  That’s what was missing, and it’s still missing this week, despite the fact that I did make another couple of the little blighters at the weekend!

I thought I’d show you what you all helped me win from my local craft store in February.  I went in on Saturday and picked up my prize which was some 12×12 sheets of BoBunny papers and stickers, some 12×12 embossed Bazzil cardstock and some Jenny Bowlin paint in little tubes just like Stickles.  A great little prize, good quality stuff too.  As I’d never been to this store I had a good mooch around and came across a stonking deal.  Whole pizza boxes stuffed full of 8 1/2″ x 11″ Bazzil cardstock in an absolute rainbow of colours.  I love Bazzil and use it all the time, most of the sheets are plain but a few are embossed and some have a sheen on them.  The plain card normally sells for 29c a sheet and my box had 114 sheets in there, so I worked it out that it would have cost $32 bought individually, a bit more when you take in to consideration the special sheets too….. and they were being sold for $14.99!

I also got this (forgot to add it to the first photo)

Beautiful paper in my favourite colour combination of Wedgewood Blue and Tan, absolutely stunning.  It’s called Hope and has a couple of Easter themed pages in there too, but most are usable for anything.  I was able to use a 40% off coupon on this too.

So, that’s me this week!  Head on over to the Keeper of Desks, Miss Julia, for the linky list and all of the details.