We had a great weekend, nothing in the way of papercrafting, but a lot of fun all the same.

On Saturday we met up with our friends, Paul and Leah, and they took us out to lunch.  Our Christmas present really, but I had that impacted wisdom tooth removed over Christmas, and they have two kids, so between them, school, family stuff and work we’ve only just been able to get together again.

They took us to a place Andrew and I didn’t know about called Tyme Well Spent, which is a traditional tea room in an old Victorian house in Hartland, Michigan.  This is the only place I’ve ever been to where they give you a tea menu instead of a wine menu, that was four and a half pages long!! We spent longer deciding on our pots of tea than we did on our lunch!  We had their lunch menu with hot tea, followed by cakes and more tea, and in between courses we got up and went upstairs where the bedrooms all contain a plethora of Vintage items to buy, including jewellery, clothes, tea cups and plates, home decor items, books and hats!  Oh the hats!  Leah and I had a very mad 10 minutes trying on as many crazy hats as we could find!  At one point Andrew joined in with us too!  And guess who put the camera ready and then walked out of the house without it!!  Not one of us  had a camera of any kind on them, which is probably just as well!

Afterwards we stopped in Milford, a really quaint town with a lot of vibrant shops and cafes, we needed a stroll around after all that delicious home made food!  I found a knitting shop but unfortunately it had just closed for the day, I heard Andrew breathe a sigh of relief at that though!

Sunday was a cold but sunny day, we never actually got above freezing again and we’d had a light dusting of about an inch of snow on Friday night, so after breakfast we went out for a walk through one of the many parks along Hines Drive.  And I didn’t forget the camera this time.

[This is one of our favourite trees in the area and we always snap a picture of it when we do this walk.  It was struck by lightning many years ago and lost its top. so it now grows out sideways instead of upwards!  We love the shadows that it creates, it’s interesting in any season.]

I spent my Sunday afternoon knitting!  I finished a sock for me, still have to knit the other one of the pair though; and I’m now on the decreases on Andrew’s hat.  I want to get that finished before I cast on for the second sock, as I know I’ll get distracted by it if I do.  With a bit of luck he might be able to wear it this Winter after all!  And finally,  late in the day I worked on a card, so I should have something of the paper crafting variety to show you tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Can’t believe I now know someone so famous that she’s gone and got her name on Wikipedia!!  Brilliant or what!