Don’t ask me what the number is, I was wrong last week, so I’m not even going to attempt a guess at it this week!  How is everyone?  Well, I hope?  Another cold week here in Michigan, we’re not getting above freezing again, been like this since Sunday, got another couple of days of cold weather and snow squalls and then it should warm up a bit again.  So, March 20th, the Vernal Equinox, Happy Spring everyone!

My desk this week, as that’s what you came for, after all!

Front and centre is a lovely card I received in the post from Sarn,  there are also two new Impression Obsession Christmas stamps sitting there too.  There’s also a House Mouse stamp at the back, my Prisma’s, ribbon reels and a blue tin containing either glitter or embossing powders.  I have two exactly the same and I can’t recall which one of them that is on the desk!

And do you want a knitting update?  Hot off the needles at 6:42pm Tuesday evening, finally, a finished object!

Modeled by the recipient (I made him kneel on the floor cause I couldn’t be bothered to drag over a chair to stand on!),  I added the larger red stripe because I knew the black Alpaca/Icelandic sheep wool mix wasn’t going to be quite enough.  As it was, I could have made the red bit half an inch wide instead of an inch, but I didn’t know that at the time.  The last few stitches were a right royal pain and my fingers hurt now, I’m also glad I used metal needles as my bamboo ones would have broken, it really was that difficult to finish.  But it’s done, it fits, it looks good, and it was declared incredibly warm!  Never again!

Keeping it short and sweet this week to send you on your way!  And if you really need to know all about WOWYY then head on over to Julia’s for the start of the linky list!