On my desk?  Same stuff as last week no doubt.  But on my chair?  That’s a different story entirely.  No cardage from me in this last week, too busy at work and a bit mojo-less, actually that’s not quite true, I’ve just turned the Mojo in the direction of the pointy sticks.

So last Saturday me and the boy ventured out to a local yarn store, there was more on that in Monday’s post if you’re interested, but this is what we came back with.  Entirely his choice but I was happy with it….

Malabrigo Arroyo DK 100% Merino wool in colour Candombe.  I wanted to knit either a cowl or some fingerless gloves for me but had nothing the correct weight of wool and had wanted to visit the yarn store for a while anyway, so it seemed the perfect opportunity.  Beautiful wool isn’t it?  Amazingly, once it had been wound into a ball it’s all the dark colours that really came to the fore, the lighter purples have ended up as highlights.  I think it’s knitting up a bit dark for what I had in mind, but it’s wonderful to knit.  Compare the ball below with the skein above, looks like a completely different wool doesn’t it?

I’m making Autumn Garden Wrist warmers from The Knitter magazine, which I thought was a simple pattern but it’s proving a bit more complicated than I realised!  However, I’m persevering and learning some new stitches as I go along.  The other coloured yarn is bits of sock wool that I’m using as lifelines.  Every few rows of correctly knit pattern I thread scraps of sock wool through the needles, so if I go wrong in the next row or two I only have to pull back to the lifeline and I know where I am to start again.  Do you like my new funky Knit Picks straight needles too?  They also came from the yarn store.

To stop me from going completely mad during the difficult parts of the pattern I keep alternating with those pink socks I’ve had going for ages, and they’re now looking like this:

One finished, one on the way.

So that’s me this week.  If you’d like to join in with What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, just head on over to Julia’s place for all the details.