Hello Peeps, I’m back at my desk this week in Michigan, instead of gallivanting around on your computer screens the other week courtesy of Jan and Di!  We had a fabby time back in England, family is all well, got out and about, had a lot of fun and laughs and the best bit, met up face to face with some lovely bloggy friends, but I know you know this bit so I’ll skip it for now.  Maybe when I’ve fully recovered and stopped talking out of my arse neck I’ll treat you to some other photos, as Jan, Julia and Di weren’t the only blogging peeps I met up with on my travels.

But for now, I have a desk to show you.  Well, I think that’s a desk under there!  This is stuff that I either bought, cajoled, had bought for me, found as freebies on magazines etc or had very generously given to me.  I had to wear my big hiking boots, thick jeans, two tops and a sweatshirt on the plane in order to cram this lot into my luggage!  And the blighters as Heathrow still tagged my case at “HEAVY”!!

I think the only thing I can be bothered to explain, cause I know you’ll all ask, is the ladybird at the front.  That’s a knitting row counter that was free on a knitting magazine, and yes, I only bought it because of the ladybird.  Apart from the fantastic and amazing gifts I received from lovely blogging peeps, my biggest joy was 19 lightly used, pre-loved Lily of the Valley stamps that I’d had bought from a UK blogger who was selling hers for a ridiculous price, they were already waiting for me when I arrived in England.  They’re on there somewhere, believe me.

And watching over proceedings is my new best friend, Spike.  I can’t tell you how soft and adorable he is, he was a gift from the equally soft and equally adorable Di and I love him (and her) to bits!

You might be seeing more of him in a future episode of WOYWW, so keep your eyes peeled!  For now I’m off to visit some desks, so I’ll see you around.

And the not so fine print: Head over to Julia’s pad if you need info on what WOYWW is all about.