Wednesday again!  A quick dash around from me as I’m still busy, busy and trying to play catch up.  This coming weekend is Memorial Weekend and we’re off camping with friends for three days, we booked it up before we went to England and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the reality is we could have done with this weekend at home to work on the deck and the garden.

Talking of the deck, you could say that this has been Andrew’s desk this week, as he’s had to completely sand the platform back to bare wood as we’ve had to change the stain this year, which requires a complete re-strip of the deck.  He decided against renting a large sander as they’re geared to completely flat surfaces (like indoor floors), and the deck boards have moved and become slightly cupped over the years so it would have involved a lot of hand sanding anyway to finish it off ….

So he has chosen to do the entire thing by hand with a small Dewalt orbital sander!  It’s taken days so far!  I don’t envy him that task I can tell you!

In the meantime, I was trying to tame the garden that turned into a jungle but still  have a lot to do.  I can’t do it in one big stretch as I’ll put my back out!  So there have been breaks here and there, sitting at my desk naturally!, so at least there’s a desk shot this week.

Looking a lot more tidy than it was last week too.  Most of my new stuff has found homes, my lovely knitting needle case that Jan made me is already in use and all of the LOTV stamps are now  in a tin underneath my pink ATG.  I stamped each image out on to scrap paper to put in the plastic envelope with the stamp as I don’t like not seeing what they are.  So on the desk are my Prisma pencils, a Christmas card in the making, a  nice cup of green tea, a couple of card magazines that I found downstairs and the camera lead.

Not very inspiring, I think the deck shot is more interesting this week!  Head on over to Julia’s place for many more desks and all the info on joining in with WOYWW.