Morning all, here we all are again, sharing our desks for the 208th time!  That’s two hundred and eight!!  What an amazing feat that is, four years of WOYWW, Julia, stand up and take a bow girl!

To join in the this word wide phenomenon, simply take a picture of your work area, upload it to your blog and link up at Julia’s pad.  After that visit some folks on the list and they’ll pop back and visit you too!  Simples.

My desk this week is a little neglected due to the three day weekend we’ve just had for Memorial Day, we were away camping with friends so I haven’t had a chance to get back in there and use it:

So what we have is another partly finished Christmas card (the blank is under the large clear block), a set of clear PB stamps along with a stamped image on the mat waiting to be coloured in and a Marianne Poinsettia die that I got in England.  Two things of interest this week, thing one is a shaving brush, kindly donated by hubby so I can try out ink stippling and blending and thing two is an almost completed sock.  I haven’t shown you anything knitty for a few weeks now, but I started this one during my final week in England and finished it completely just after this photo was taken last night.   It’s a 75/25 blend of wool and nylon, and as such will be warm, so I’m not worried about making the matching one until later in the year as it will be too warm to wear anyway and I want to start a new project soon!

A quick pic from the camping weekend, here I am back in the little blue and white bateau with Holland’s light house, Big Red behind me.

It was incredibly odd as Holland is a boaters mecca and is normally packed to the gunwales with boats of all kinds, especially big, noisy speedboats, but despite the weekend being a holiday weekend there was hardly anyone out on the water.  Most odd, but it worked in our favour as we’d normally never go near this channel or out into Lake Michigan which is behind me, as it’s just too dangerous for us, but this weekend we were able to do both.