What indeed.  That’s a questions we ask ourselves most Wednesdays, actually the lovely Julia asks it every Wednesday but there’s no obligation to join in every week.  I was MIA last week, too much work, too little life, non existent mojo all equaled to nothing of interest going on.  In fact, the most interesting thing to happen in the last week was me breaking my back tooth on a tortilla chip!  I was at the dentist yesterday getting it all fixed again.

But I’ve been at the desk a bit in the last few days and cracked on with a couple of cards for the old blog.


Just peaking in bottom left is a bunch of knitting and craft magazines collected from various rooms around the house!  The Prisma’s are out along with some stamps, the fixings for a new card (Christmas) and my atg that needs a new roll of tape fitting to it.  At the back are a couple of newly made cards and some Christmas papers (Bo Bunny).  In the centre of the mat are some free digi printouts of vintage Christmas carols, brilliant for tearing, inking up and generally doing the vintagey thing with.  The link is here, on Flikr, if you’re interested.  And the link for Julia’s blog and the start of the list is here.  Perhaps I’ll bump into you on my travels.