There’s a number in there somewhere too, the number of weeks we’ve been getting together and sharing desks but I’ve lost the plot this week so I don’t know what it is.  Head on over the visit Julia, she has all the deets and keeps us all in order.

My desk this week…. bit of a mess.  I wasn’t doing much, continuing with the stamp mounting here and there, then I suddenly remembered I needed to make a card pronto.  So everything got pushed to one side to clear a space for that to happen.

As if you couldn’t guess, I made a quilled card.  Not much in the way of explanations needed!  At the front is a quilling board, you put your rolled up paper into the holes to allow them to relax a bit before gluing the ends and making shapes with them.  I was making maple leaves.

Anyway, hope the peeps in the UK are still enjoying the warm weather.  At least you get to cool down at night, we tend to stay in the 24 – 26C range overnight here, and you can still cut the humidity with a knife.  We wanted to go for a bike ride on Sunday morning so we got up at 6:45am!  Any later and it was too hot!  They keep promising us it’s going to break but it doesn’t, we’re not getting as many thunderstorms though, which I suppose is something!  But here I sit, 9pm Tuesday night and it’s still 31C and it feels like 37C!

So keep cool and dry, I’m off to visit some desks.