Evening all, morning all…. oh to hell with it!  Welcome!!  There we go that’s better!  It’s Wednesday somewhere in the world, and that means it’s time to show off our work desks once more.  Julia has all the details if you’ve truly never heard of this, but in all honesty, do you live under a rock, lol!!!

My desk this week is papercraftless!  Hey Darnell, I made up a new word!  After a fantastic and busy weekend at the race track for our annual Vintage Races I haven’t even got the energy to unpack my bag, let alone think about sticking and colouring!  Instead, now that awful heat and humidity has broken I’ve been doing a bit of knitting again.  You might remember that I started knitting a bag a couple of months ago and ordered a set of circular needles for the handles as they’re over 200 stitches long. It’s taken me quite a while to feel comfortable with them so progress has been very slow indeed, I’m getting better, but still not where I’d like to be.  But the first handle now looks like this…

This is also my first go at cabling and I’m completely stoked at how brilliantly it’s turning out!  I’m also still completely stoked about the Vintage races too, not least because last year at Mid Ohio Andrew and I met a fantastic group of people who race Ginetta G4’s.  We have a Ginetta G15, so to run into them was phenomenal considering how rare our cars are in America.  We talked up our local track knowing it would be very Ginetta friendly, but their schedule was full.  However they remembered our conversation and fitted us in this year, towing from New York State with one of the drivers flying in from Florida too.

You can see their three beautiful race cars (the white one from 1965, the other two from 1966), and at the end, our G15 (1972).  And as promised our track was very Ginetta friendly, so much so in fact that they finished first, second and third in all three of their races and cleaned out the trophy table!!  They had an absolute blast and hope to be back next year.

The other thing that has me still all fired up is this amazing piece of machinery, seen here in the shop before all the graphics were completed.  It had it’s maiden races at Waterford Hills last weekend after a complete rebuild.  It’s a Fabcar GTP, based on the Porsche 962, many had Porsche engines and were endorsed by Porsche Motor Sports North America at the time (mid 80’s).

I got two very hot laps of the track with the owner/driver on Sunday lunchtime, completely unsolicited by me I hasten to add!  All I can say is that at over 400hp and topping out at 175mph, I’m STILL trying to peel my eyeballs off the back of my skull and I have bruises on both shoulder blades from the G Force pushing me back so hard!  I still haven’t quite taken it in to be honest.

But more on all of that later, when I get my photos all sorted out, I’ll be writing up a complete post about the weekend.  In the mean time, thanks for listening to my ramblings and chin chin!