Hello desk hoppers.  Wednesday again.  My the weeks are flying by aren’t they?  Thanks for all the car love last week, we hope to get the old girl roadworthy again by the end of September, that way we should be able to go on some “colour runs” when the trees start changing.

A lot has happened since you were here last… we went to Thunder Over Michigan last weekend, the historic air display we go to every year that’s local  to me.  We also went kayaking on the Sunday.  I got a Guest Design Spot at Christmas Cards All Year Round, and posted a card yesterday, with another one going up on Thursday.  We’re also heading out to another Vintage racing event in Michigan this coming weekend and are trying to sort things out for that.  Plus, on the family history front, I finally made contact with some Canadian “cousins” after five years of trying.  They are the descendents of Andrews Gt, Gt Aunt and they have some amazing photos of the family, including one of his Gt, Gt Aunt, her husband and family.  This was the first time I’d seen these people, although I have a lot of info about them gathered through the years.  So a very busy but very happy week for me.

My desk today, showing the detritus of the card making for CCAYR plus the Sparkles DT that I’m a member of, our new challenge goes live on Thursday.  You can’t see that card but some of the stuff on the desk was from that.

Usual suspects, nothing worth naming I don’t think!  Empty cup of tea there too, must check it hasn’t been left there!  The blue container the card is resting on contains glitter.  The little drawer behind it holds pearls and is out of the stack of drawers in the cubby hole at the back.

And as I know some of you scrap your family history photos I’d thought I’d show you what came my way this week from those Canadian cousins, as it’s really rather good!

The two gentlemen standing either end in military uniform are listed as being friends of the two young ladies they’re standing behind and are not part of the family.  The others are all children of James Roach and Grace Caroline Palmer Roach (Carry for short) seated in the middle.  One son is missing in the picture, he’d be a year older than Walter Douglas Roach standing behind his mother.  The two girls seated in white blouses are Florence and Mildred and are two years apart, despite them looking like twins.  Those two, along with Mary Grace at the back, were bridesmaids when my husbands Gt Grandfather was married in 1894.  The three sons along with the son missing from the pic, all emigrated to Canada before the first world war.  The young girl in the front, Kathleen, died in 1914 from Spanish Flu aged 22.

And the thread on a family history website that brought the Canadian cousins to me is five years old.  So if you’re researching your family and haven’t had much luck, don’t give up and keep your old email addresses active cause you have no idea what’s out there and when people might finally make contact with you.

Chin, chin!