Not a lot, as you’ll see shortly!  First I have to get the housekeeping out of the way, which means that if you don’t know what WOYWW is, then head on over to Julia’s blog for all the details.  I also hope to get around to visiting more of you than I did last week too, I didn’t do very well on that score!

So the desk, totally bereft I’m afraid, you might want to look away now!

See, told you it was bereft.  The only things on here are a lovely little bag/purse made by the equally lovely Jan (it has a small knitting project in it), and two new Spellbinder border dies, one for Christmas and one for Autumn.  They were $2 each on Amazon, plus a bit of postage.  The odd looking thing in the middle is my crew bracelet from the Vintage Races we wet to last weekend, I cut it off my wrist on the way to the shower when we got home on Sunday evening and there it still sits!

There is this though… I mentioned a while back that I was knitting a bag and learning cables at the same time.  I finished up the one handle I was working on and started on one of the side panels to give me a break from the circular needles for a while.    The handles go from the base of the bag on each side, up to the shoulder where you sew them together.  Explains why they’re so long, a couple of you commented on the long handles when I was knitting the first one.  This is the pattern.

And this is where I’m currently at:

The top piece is the first handle, the burgundy is the first side panel.  I hope they go together when I come to stitch them up because the handle looks a lot pinker knitted up than it ever did on the ball!  I’ve also made the plain base too.

And a couple of gratuitous photos from the Vintage races, and I think you’ll be surprised!  This place was like no other track I’ve ever visited.  For a start, it looked like we were camped in someone’s landscaped parkland that just happened to have a race track running through it.  There was even a swimming pool that we used on both Friday and Saturday evening!  And we took our bikes and biked absolutely everywhere, including round the track when the racing was done.  It was so beautiful.

That’s us camped on that little island which we had completely to ourselves.  The track runs behind the trees, you can make out the line of armco barrier, in fact, there’s a little race car on there!  This was the view from our tent in the evening as the sun was setting.

We were invited to lunch both days with some of the Vintage Formula Vee people, in fact, we were on their crew list and didn’t even pay to get in!  One of the drivers was catering the event and he had roasted a turkey, roasted a large joint of beef, baked a ham, made a fantastic pasta salad, a wonderful green bean salad and a “to die for” black bean and mango salad!  As well as providing cheeses, green salad, fresh sliced tomatoes, chips, salsa and breads!  He also lives up in Northern Michigan where a ton of fresh fruit is grown and he’d brought home made pies from a little farm store that he uses… cherry, peach praline, apple, very berry, strawberry rhubarb and others that I can’t recall the name of!  You can see now why the biking and swimming were necessary!!

Beautiful place, beautiful weekend. Chin, chin!