Back around to the middle of the week again!  Another Autumnal post for you, but not lamenting about the cooler weather, instead it’s looking a bit “that time of the year” on my desk instead.  And why am I showing you my desk?  Because it’s Wednesday of course, and that’s what we do on Wednesday’s.  Head over to Julia’s if you’d like to join in, she has all the details as well as the start of the linky list.

So, the desk…..


Those Autumn flowers jump right out at you don’t they?  Decorations for the home, I was making them on Sunday afternoon.  I can’t decide whether to add a jute, or maybe a burlap, bow or embellishment of some sort, most likely wrapped around the terracotta pot perhaps?  There’s more than this three too, btw!  They seemed to multiply when I wasn’t looking!  And stamps too, not new, the last of the ones that I’ve been trying to get mounted up and put away.  I’m down to three left, but do you think I can find a spare 15 minutes to get the job done and ticked off the list???  Can I ‘eck as like!!!  Still, I finally did get around to making a card at the weekend, it’s still at the back of the desk, a Lili of the Valley fairy called Destiny’s Moon.  And I baked a cake too!  Somerset Apple Sauce Cake, posted here on Monday along with the recipe if you’d like to see it.  There’s none left though, it was too scrummy and I was eating more than my fair share so I took it to work to save the embarrassment of me having to admit to eating it all when Andrew went looking for a piece and found none!  Didn’t save any for all of you either, but because of the wonders of the internet you can grab the recipe and make your own!!

And that’s about it, nice and brief to make up for last weeks long post!  Chin, chin.