The one where she gets the seasons mixed up!  Thanks for all the Autumn flower love last week, I have to confess that I didn’t make those flowers I was playing about with, they came from JoAnns…. I was however, doing the arranging in the little pots.  Sorry for any confusion!  I never for a minute assumed you’d think I was that good and could make stunning blooms like that!!  Thanks muchly for the vote of confidence though!

So the desk this week has switched seasons it seems.  If you don’t know about our weekly desk sharing habit, do pop over and say Hi to Julia, she’ll fill you in.

Can you guess what I’m making here?

I’m not actually in a position to tell you what I’m making and who it’s for, that’s a BIG secret until this coming Monday… so for now you’ll just have to guess!  And while you’re pondering that I’ll tell you that the red and green raffia at the back is from Mike’s and it’s to finish off those pots of flowers that were on my desk last week.  I looked for suitable burlap or burlap ribbon and really couldn’t find anything that would have worked on such small pots.  There’s still a few LOTV stamps there and I STILL haven’t mounted them yet!  There’s also a nice glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, but that’s no more!  And that, my friends, is that!  Off you pop!